Sitemap - 2023 - What's Happening in China

China 2023

US-China resume military contacts, new export controls, and gaming curbs

US-China relations, Philippines-China sea tensions, and the Central Economic Work Conference

The struggling economy, Israel-Gaza war, and South China Sea disputes

Xi urges stronger rule of law overseas, no third plenum?, and the upcoming EU-China summit

EU-China summit, China urges Gaza truce, and property rescue effort

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Biden-Xi meeting, China-Philippines, and EU-China summit

Party cements control over finance, foreign investment turns negative, and Albanese in China

Li Keqiang (1955-2023), Biden and Xi agree to meet, and more fiscal stimulus

Belt and Road Forum, trade sanctions, and the Israel-Hamas conflict

Israel-Hamas war, Josep Borrell in China, and Cheng Lei's release

EU reveals list of critical tech, the US-China chip race, and China-Philippines ongoing tensions

First big holiday since end of zero-COVID, South China Sea tensions, and EU-China trade

Purges, Huawei, and local government debt problem

Beijing accuses EU of protectionism, China's property slump, and Li Shangfu's disappearance

G20 summit, alarm over new Huawei phone, iPhone ban

Raimondo's China tour, Xi to skip G20 summit, and Japan-China clash over Fukushima water

It's the economy, stupid!

Surprise military shake-up, historic floods, and economic slowdown

Qin Gang's removal, China secretly sends gear to Russia, and negative views rise over foreign policy

Private economy boost, Kerry in Beijing, Xi meets Kissinger, and where is Qin Gang?

Blinken meets Wang Yi, Germany's first China strategy, and China invites global investors for rare meeting

Yellen in Beijing, China’s new export curbs, and HK bounties

EU agrees to de-risk from China, China passes foreign relations law, and US weighs tougher restrictions on chip exports to China

Xi, Blinken agree to stabilise US-China ties, Li Qiang visits Europe, and historic heatwave hits China

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Blinken's high-stakes China trip, Premier Li to visit Germany and France, and stimulus expected as economy slows

Blinken to travel to China, EU-China relations, and China trade

US-China trade blame, US-Taiwan sign deal, and Xi calls for greater state control of AI

Li Hui's multi-country tour, tech war, and local debt crisis

G7 calls out China, Xi meets Central Asian leaders, and weak economic data

Canada and China's tit-for-tat, Blinken hoping to visit China ‘in the near future’, and raids on foreign firms

China's exit bans, May Day holiday travel boom, and John Kerry reveals China invited him to visit

Xi-Zelensky call, expansion of counter-espionage law, and top leaders say economy lacking ‘internal’ drive

G7 show of unity, Manhattan arrests tied to illegal overseas police station, and Beijing hospital fire

Lula in Beijing, Germany’s Baerbock warnings to China, and global debt relief talks

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Macron and von der Leyen in China, US House speaker meets Taiwanese president, and COVID-19 origins

Zelensky's invitation to Xi, Taiwan president’s stopover in the US, and Alibaba's split

Xi's Moscow visit, TikTok on Capitol Hill, and Lula's China trip

Xi's major party revamp, Russia visit, and China's visa resumption

Essential China Newsletters

Xi Jinping's third term, Taiwan-US relations, and TikTok's global struggles

The 'two sessions' begin, China refuses to condemn Russia's Ukraine invasion at G20 meeting, and report says China beating West in competition for critical technologies

China's peace proposal for Ukraine, CPC's new central committee second plenum on Feb. 26-28, and Xi's call for tech self-reliance

The Chinese spy balloon saga, Wang Yi's European tour, and the cancellation of the Xinjiang governor's trip to Brussels and London after outcry

China's spy balloon incident – EU/UK under fire over plans to meet Xinjiang governor – Chinese ambassador to the EU suggests simultaneous lifting of sanctions

The Chinese Spy Balloon Story

Blinken cancels China trip over suspected spy balloon – Chinese province ends ban on unmarried people having children – Czech Republic intensifies relations with Taiwan angering China

China records first population decline in 60 years – Beijing's top economic adviser tells Davos CEOs 'China is back' – China’s top diplomat plans European tour to thaw relations

Chinese warned not to visit elderly as Covid wave reaches countryside – China signals desire to work with US on trade and climate – China wraps up two-year tech crackdown

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China's 'great migration' kicks-off under shadow of COVID – China, Philippines commit to peaceful South China Sea solution – China may ease 'three red lines' property rules