Sitemap - 2020 - What's Happening in China

Turkey and Brazil say Chinese vaccine effective, with sparse supporting data — Taiwan imposes new regulations after first Covid case since April — China to overtake US as largest economy by 2028

EU Parliament adopts resolution condemning China over Uyghur exploitation — US blacklists dozens of Chinese firms including SMIC, DJI — Australia escalates China trade dispute to the WTO

ICC asks for more evidence on Uighur genocide claims — US sanctions new group of Chinese officials over HK, China promises to reciprocate — Biden picks Katherine Tai as trade representative

China becomes the second country in history to put its flag on the moon — China-Australia relations continue downward spiral — HK activists Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam jailed

China’s poorest counties no longer in extreme poverty — Pope Francis acknowledges China’s persecution of Muslim Uighurs — US and Taiwan promote alternative to China’s Belt and Road

China starts mass testing 3 million in Tianjin — US and Taiwan sign five-year agreement — Australia-China relations sour further

Chinese government congratulates U.S. President-elect Joe Biden — China drafts new antitrust guideline to rein in tech giants — China under pressure to reveal vaccine data after Pfizer success

China awash with schadenfreude over U.S. election tumult — Covid: China bars travelers from Britain, France, India — Hong Kong police launch 'snitch line' — China’s regulators halt world's largest IP

Taiwan marks 200 days without domestic Covid-19 infection — China pledges quality growth, tech powerhouse in 5-year plan — Chinese government vows to build ‘fully modern army’ by 2027

Chairman Xi Jinping says China not afraid of war — US arms deal gives Taiwan ability to strike Chinese mainland — China leads in race for digital currency — Semiconductors are China’s choke point

Thousands of Uighur children left without parents — Chairman Xi Jinping urges greater domestic innovation — Authorities in Qingdao test 10 million people after 13 COVID-19 cases are found

Negative views of China soar in western countries — 39 countries condemn China over policies in Xinjiang, HK — China joins vaccine programme COVAX — China's services sector recovery gathers pace

Chinese internet ridicules Trump’s Covid-19 test result — Uighurs could be allowed to seek genocide ruling against China in UK — China needs a raft of reforms to make new economic strategy work

China pushes emergency use of COVID vaccine despite concerns — China has built 380 internment camps in Xinjiang, study finds — China Communist Party critic Ren Zhiqiang gets 18 years for corruption

Clues to scale of Xinjiang labour operation emerge — US pushes arms sale to Taiwan — EU presses China on market access, human rights — China’s Communist Party wants bigger role in private sector

Beijing to impose restrictions on all US diplomats in China — India and China to 'quickly disengage' from border standoff — Beijing opposes a forced sale of TikTok’s U.S. operations

Chinese government forces birth control on Muslim minorities — Chinese foreign minister sees limited gains from European trip — India China defense ministers meet — India bans 118 Chinese apps

China secretly built a vast new infrastructure to imprison Muslims — China captures Hong Kong activists fleeing to Taiwan by sea — TikTok sues Trump administration over ban

US imposes new restrictions on Huawei — Xi Jinping tightens grip on domestic security forces — Uyghur exile group urges IOC to reconsider holding Winter Games in Beijing — India-China tension

Arrest of a free-speech icon backfires in HK — US requires Confucius Institute center to register as foreign mission — China's Huawei, ZTE face India 5G network exclusion — China economy loses steam

US sanctions Hong Kong's Carrie Lam over protest crackdown — Taiwan and U.S. to hold highest-level contact since 1979 — Trump bans US transactions with Chinese-owned TikTok and WeChat

US sanctions Chinese 'state-within-a-state' linked to Xinjiang abuses — Hong Kong leader delays legislative elections — Trump says will ban TikTok

China orders U.S. to shut Chengdu consulate, retaliating for Houston — UK accuses China of 'gross' human rights abuses against Uighurs — Cultural revolution 2.0 sweeps through Hong Kong

Iran and China draft economic and military agreement — Trump signs Hong Kong Autonomy Act — UK bans Huawei from its 5G networks — Flights cancelled after coronavirus outbreak in Xinjiang

U.S. sanctions Chinese officials over human rights abuses in Xinjiang — New U.S. visa rules threaten to deport 369,000 Chinese students — Australia halts HK extradition agreement and extends visas

China passes Hong Kong security law — Chinese state documents point to genocidal sterilization plans in Xinjiang — India bans nearly 60 Chinese apps

UN experts call for measures to protect fundamental freedoms in China — China targets non-English-speaking journalists in new push for influence — US imposes visa restrictions on Chinese officials

Chinese authorities believe Beijing’s COVID Cluster ‘Contained’ — Chinese government building world’s largest police-run DNA database — China-India clash — China charges two Canadians with spying

EU accuses China of running disinformation campaigns — Parts of Beijing shut down due to COVID-19 clusters — HK protests: dozens arrested marking first anniversary of the anti-government movement

China withheld information about coronavirus from WHO and the public — China eases foreign travel limit — Defying Beijing, thousands in Hong Kong held Tiananmen vigil

U.S. moves to strip Hong Kong of special status — China's top legislature adopts country's first civil code

Chinese government moves to tighten its control of Hong Kong — China abandons GDP target for first time in decades — Chinese government drops references to ‘peaceful’ reunification with Taiwan

US pushes China decoupling — EU foreign policy chief says China is trying to divide and rule in Europe — Wuhan ramps up coronavirus tests — China faces crisis as pandemic sends unemployment soaring

Internal Chinese report warns of Tiananmen-like backlash over coronavirus — China and US relations hit low point — Taiwan rebuffs WHO

China sets Two Sessions meeting date — Schools start reopening in China's biggest cities — EU chief denies report was watered down for China

China rejects calls for an independent international investigation into origin of the coronavirus — Pressured by China, E.U. softens report on Covid-19 — China dismantles Hong Kong’s last freedoms

China post-coronavirus — Chinese economy shrinks for first time in decades — Hong Kong police detain veteran democracy activists in raids

Chinese authorities ease Wuhan lockdown — China joins U.N. human rights panel — Taiwan rejects WHO claim of racist campaign

China holds day of mourning for coronavirus victims — China closes tourist attractions and entertainment venues again — Chinese government pushes for quiet burials as death toll is questioned

China temporarily closes its borders to foreign nationals — Trump signs TAIPEI Act — Second virus shock-wave hits Chinese economy

Communist Party of China uses the coronavirus crisis to its advantage — Chinese government announces that it will expel American reporters — China’s climate pledge threatened by virus response

Chinese diplomats fuel coronavirus conspiracy theory — How Taiwan is containing coronavirus despite China's proximity — U.S. lawmakers propose limits on imports from Xinjiang

China seeks to reframe narrative as coronavirus crisis damages its image — US-China media row deepens — Major brands implicated in report on forced Uyghur labor in China

China economic activity plunges in February amid virus controls — Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai jailed for 10 years — Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang banned for eight years

Coronavirus outcomes can range from pandemic to a new flu — U.S. puts restrictions on five Chinese state media outlets — Chinese government expels three Wall Street Journal reporters

Beijing orders two-week quarantine for returnees — Rising xenophobia against ethnic Chinese and people of Asian descent — A short history of Wuhan punk

Coronavirus: Chinese government ignores offers of help from CDC and WHO — US citizen becomes first foreign victim

Novel coronavirus: latest updates, social, political and economic impact

Coronavirus outbreak: more than 1,280 infected and 18 cities in lockdown — Conditions put Xinjiang internment camps at risk — WHO excludes Taiwan for political reasons

WHO says new China coronavirus could spread — China’s birthrate in 2019 fell to the lowest level since the country’s founding — China and US sign phase one trade deal

Taiwan re-elects Tsai Ing-wen as president — China reports first death from new coronavirus